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Welcome to Hartford Data Recovery, a leading provider of data recovery services for corporations, individuals, businesses and institutions. We specialize in restoring and recovering lost, inaccessible and corrupted data from all types of data storage devices including Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, Solid State Drives, Apple Mac Computers, Laptops, Tape Drives, Cell phones, Cameras, Smart Phones and Flash Media devices.

We value our clients and work relentlessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied. With more than 18 years of experience, countless of different cases behind us and the most advanced data recovery lab, Hartford Data Recovery can quickly diagnose the problem affecting your failed media and apply the most efficient solution in order to achieve fast and complete recovery of your data.

Affordable Data Recovery Services in Hartford - Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of data repair services at the best possible value.

Fast and Dependable Local Data Recovery Services - Losing data is a very stressful and frustrating experience. As a local Data Recovery service provider in Hartford and surrounding areas we can repair your hard drive and recover your data often in a matter of hours.

We are equipped to handle any hard drive failure, logical or mechanical / physical failure and our engineers are available day and night to solve any data loss situation you are facing with.

Whether you need to recover data from a single hard drive or hard drive array, Hartford Data Recovery will save you time, save you stress and save your data.

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24/7 Emergency Service for any Data Loss Situation

Many people don't know but recovery of data is highly achievable even in cases where it appears impossible, provided that the correct producers and tools are being used. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure fast recovery of your crucial data without risking its integrity and safety. With an onsite lab and hundreds of specialized techniques, tools, software and procedures there is no hard drive failure or data loss scenario our Hartford technicians cannot overcome. Whether your media is totally damaged, smashed or broken our engineers can solve even the most challenging data loss cases.

Every data loss case is unique and many include a combination of issues. As each case presents its own set of problems the solution we apply depends on a verity of factors and the proper course of action will be determined only after the media is thoroughly diagnosed by one of our data repair experts.

When previously accessible data is suddenly vanished it can be very disturbing. At Hartford data recovery, you are in good hands and our professional staff will provide full support so that the experience of data loss will be much less stressful. We always ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service and quality data repair which is unmatched in the industry.

If your data is inaccessible, corrupted or lost due to a hard drive crash, operating system failure, mechanical failure, logical failure, corruption, natural disaster, fire, flood, or any other reason, Hartford Data Recovery can retrieve your data in any data loss situation regardless of how failure occurred.

From accidental deletion of a small file to severely damaged data storage devices, we successfully extracted data from countless of hard drives as well as RAID systems and provided Data Disaster Recovery Services for countless of satisfied clients in Hartford and throughout Connecticut, including individual computer users, small businesses, fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, military departments, universities and research institutes.

When you call our Hartford service center you will speak to a data retrieval specialist who will always be there to address your questions and concerns. When we receive your media in our lab it will be assigned to a dedicated engineer for initial diagnostics. Our technicians perform comprehensive testing in order to precisely identify the problem which affects your media.

If you have just experienced a loss of access to your data, we highly recommend to power down your device immediately in order to prevent any additional damage to your data. No matter how severe the data loss situation looks, Hartford data recovery can help you get your data back.

Searching for a professional data recovery company in Hartford? Call us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your failed media: (860) 352-0440.

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Recovering Data from All Operating Systems and Platforms

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Hard Drive & Data Recovery Glossary

Data Recovery Terminology

Disk Imaging

A process that makes a complete copy of the drive, all of it, at a very low level. Restoring from a backup image restores everything to the exact state that it was at the time you took the image. If the unfortunate event of corrupted backup occurs your data can still...

For more data repair terms, visit our hard drive glossary of terms and definitions.

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